About Us


An Artificial Intelligent platform + 12 years in user experience design, data analytics and
information communication + enterprise architecture + civic tech



We are named our company “AI Envoy Robotics” because we are building Robotic Software; chatbots and virtual assistants to automate processes, repetitive tasks and improve user experience in order to empower organizations and businesses with immense advantages to compete.


When you combine these types of assistants (envoys), they dramatically improve repetitive tasks; the machines now do the tasks, the humans do the judgment part. Because judgment is where we are gradually going to migrate to while repetitive tasks gradually pass to machines in the next decade or so.


In the next three to four years, in most organizations, for example, employees will be talking to the machine for advice or to extract data in real time, and it will dramatically improve productivity. Some organizations are looking at efficiency improvements of 50 percent or even 60 percent because of that.


We are on a mission to transform Africa by addressing its complex challenges.