Algorithmic Accountability Reporting Methods – Overview

Algorithmic Accountability Reporting Methods – Overview

The focus in the previous videos has been how algorithms can help news organizations optimize and get the best out of their content; how algorithms are helping us make decisions without we know it, and also how companies are using algorithms to decide who gets what benefit and who does not.

When you need a car or health insurance, an algorithm can decide if you will get one or not.

An algorithm can suggest that you pay four times what you are meant to pay for a car insurance just by fact that you live in a run-down neighborhood, even if your neighborhood is actually safe.

An algorithm can assume you want to commit health insurance fraud by considering that you are applying for a claim after taking the policy two or three months prior. Even if your life was on the line.

Algorithms affect our lives and society in many ways. In this discussion, we will discuss techniques journalists use to take algorithms apart, investigate how they were built, critique them, question their design and development, question their performance – the input and see if the output is the desired one. 

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